elderly_on_busPrepaid for Those in Need

Whether you serve the homeless, inner city youth, single mothers, battered women, the elderly, recovering addicts or alcoholics, or any other group in need, Home Safe Cards are a secure way to ensure those you serve can get where they need to be — or get away from where they don’t want to be.

The card can only be used for transportation, so you can rest assured that it wont be misused. It’s also easy to take anywhere and, if circumstances demand it, easy to conceal. It’s an ideal way to help those in need make a better life for themselves by providing secure, dedicated, prepaid transportation to work, school, medical appointments, court appearances, support groups, stores, family and friend’s homes or anywhere else they need to go.

Let the Home Safe Card help you help those you serve. Contact us by email, or call + 1 (800) 807-2022 to discuss our special community service packages.